As soon as the clock read 1:00 pm September 13, crowds of fans, parents, students, and band members were lined up on the bleachers at the stadium of Coginchaug to welcome back the “boys in blue” who were to take on Old Saybrook. Despite mid-game sprinkles, skies were looking extremely optimistic that the Blue Devils would continue to be a winning force within the class S Pequot division.

Good vibes were already in the mid-September, pre-game air as cheerleader Lauren Donnelly, a sophomore, belted out the National Anthem to an anxious audience. Senior Joe Prifitera was first to kick the ball off, and the game moved immediately in Coginchaug’s favor. Half way through the first quarter senior captain Jake Ober carried the ball down the field to score the season’s first touchdown. CRHS kicked the ball through the goal post for the extra point, standing 7-0. During second quarter, 3 minutes in, the Devils had second down. Junior Parker Tregonning continued to work for points as he took the ball to the Blue Devil’s territory for touchdown number two. Struggling, the Rams attempted to travel down the field, but the pass was intercepted by Joe Prifitera with 4:25 left on the clock. He ran for it, scoring another touchdown. Disregarding a missed field goal, the Devils stood at a strong 20-0 against Old Saybrook.

Big Blue continued their quest after a short timeout at 3:53, with Jake Ober running 15 yards for his second touchdown of the game. To make up for the field goal that was missed earlier in the game, Coginchaug made a two point conversion to create the comfortable lead of 28-0. There was a timeout called to discuss. Parker made a return with first and ten on offense at the Rham’s 32 yard line, with a pass complete to Senior Kevin Crompton ushering in yet another touchdown. Now there were 35 well-earned points up on the scoreboard for Coginchaug.

The first half of the game came to a close and the pep band, led by Mr. Coutsouridis, played traditional songs with life and spirit. The Coginchaug cheerleaders were then welcomed onto the center of the field by announcer Dr. Nystrom to perform. The cheerleaders’ voices echoed about how, “The devils are back and better than before” which was quite the appropriate statement for how the first game was unraveling.

The second half of the game shut down Old Saybrook, with Jake Ober scoring his third touchdown with a 35 yard carry, and Zachary Light making a perfect field goal, now 42-0. By the time fourth quarter rolled out, underclassmen were sent onto the field in the rain to finish up the job. The game closed off with celebration from the crowd and the cheerleaders chanting, “We are proud of you!” Captain Jake Ober, a senior, summed up the day by saying, “Once we knocked the rust off we did what we know how to do, win. All the boys are excited as a family for a great upcoming season.”

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